Educational Interactive 3D Simulations for Pearson Prentice Hall

ForgeFX has been a proud content development partner for Pearson Prentice Hall for more than 10 years. Developing over 100 simulation-based training applications, across a number of different subjects and curriculums, ForgeFX helps Pearson Prentice Hall deliver digital learning products that transform students from passive audience members, to active participants in the learning process.

Wave Simulator

This real-time 3D wave simulator demonstrates the connection between wind speed and ocean particle motion depth. The application helps students visualize how waves are the forward movement of water, due to the oscillation of water particles by the frictional drag of wind over the surface.

Immersive Learning Simulator
Water motion simulator helps students visualize how ocean waves work.

Pheromone Communication Simulator

This is 3D simulator demonstrates how ants use pheromones to communicate. Students are presented with an interactive 3D environment where 2 competing ant colonies are searching for food, they are able to interact with the virtual ants and environment to see how the ants will react to changes in their surroundings. ForgeFX developed this 3D simulator for Pearson Education to help students visualize how ants, like other insects, perceive smells with their long, thin, and mobile antennae. The antennae provide information about the direction and intensity of scents, allowing the pheromone trails to be followed.

Pheromone Communication Simulator
Simulating chemicals released by one animal, affecting the behavior of another animal.

Eye Dissection Simulator

The 3D eye dissection simulator allows students to perform virtual cow eye dissections. Whereas real-life dissections in the classroom can be potentially dangerous, simulation-based dissections are safe, risk-free, and cost-effective. Students are able to dissect and inspect a cow's eye in a virtual 3D environment, allowing them to see the individual eye structures and the functions they perform

Virtual Eye Dissection Simulator
Examining the structures and functions of a virtual 3D cow eye.

Seismic Waves Simulator

The seismic waves simulator allows students to isolate waves and understand the different types of seismic activity associated with each one. The first waves to arrive are primary waves, or P waves, P waves are seismic waves that compress and expand the ground like an accordion. P waves cause buildings to contract and expand. After P waves come secondary waves, or S waves. S waves are earthquake waves that vibrate from side to side as well as up and down. They shake the ground back and forth. When S waves reach the surface, they shake structures violently.

Seismic Waves Simulator
Seismic wave simulator demonstrates how the energy of an earthquake moves.

Simulation-Based Learning

Transforming students from passive observes of linear material, to active operators of interactive content, theses 3D simulation-based apps allow students to become immersed and involved with the material. If you're charged with educating and training students, you're aware of the challenges associated with keeping people engaged with educational material. Using highly-realistic web-based 3D simulations allows you to provide students with immersive content that keeps them engaged for longer periods of time, leading to a higher level of comprehension. For an assessment of needs that are specific to your project, please contact ForgeFX so we can review your requirements and put forward a project plan, including a technology recommendation.