Farmers Insurance, Training Based Learning Simulator

ForgeFX developed this real-time 3D training simulation for the Farmers Insurance, Claims Training and Development Center located in Simi Valley, California. The training simulation software allows insurance claims agents to train and be evaluated in a safe and cost-effective interactive virtual environment.

The Farmers Insurance Training Simulation, named CyberLab, is an interactive real-time 3D simulation that puts the user into a game-like environment, similar to many popular video games. Using a first-person perspective, the user must navigate through the home, locate the damage, identify the cause of the damage, and estimate the cost of the repair for the insurance claim. The purpose of the simulation is to teach prospective claims agents the process of determining the amount of damage sustained and correctly arrive at an accurate insurance claim.

Insurance Training Simulation

The simulation reduced training expenses for Farmers Insurance by reducing the amount of travel that prospective claims agents had to make, and by eliminating the need to train with costly real-world materials. In addition, by prescreening applicants in the virtual world, real-world training only occurred for candidates that had a good chance of succeeding to become insurance adjustors, as demonstrated in their simulation scores.

Farmers Claims Training and Development Center Simulator

The simulation's navigational scheme is modeled after a typical 3D game, allowing the user to move around freely in a 3D environment. Rather than the user/player wielding weapons, they carry the tools of the trade for a residential insurance claims adjustor. For example a tape measure, moisture meter, drywall saw, camera, flashlight, etc.

Interactive 3D Training Simulator

The simulation allows the user to interact with the environment in order to investigate the source of the problem, the amount of damage, and the cost associated with the claim. The user is able to document and take pictures of what they see within the virtual world to substantiate their claim and provide reference materials to the insured.

Real-Time 3D Training Simulation

Under the hood, the simulation tracks the user's actions in order to generate a performance report at the end of the session. This performance report records a detailed list of the user's actions while in the simulation, allowing instructors to grade a user and evaluate their performance.